lunedì 31 maggio 2010

ll messaggio in diretta alle 11 p.m. di ieri sera dell'attacco della marina israeliana alla Flotilla. Link per avere aggiornamenti ed update

22.05 (13 ore fa)
lubna:  greta urgent we have threat from israel (check out the HELP button on

 Lubna. What is happening?

lubna:  two israeli ships coming toward us me:  So glad to see you here

Me: Please try to stay on this so I can tweet it 

 they contact the ship asked who we are and dissappeared now they getting close to the ship we can see them stay here 3 boats are coming not two 3 israeli boats we are 78 mile from israel

me:  I'll keep writing

lubna:  people here put their life jackets every body preppering here

me:  OK. You are the lifeline to our TWITTER account

 lubna:  we may loose the wirless, we didnt expect them now, we thought they will arrive at the morning, please stay in touch with the other boats

Sent at 10:50 PM on Sunday
 We can't reach anyone

Sent at 10:52 PM on Sunday

me:  where are you? Are you there?

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Ricordo solo che le imbarcazioni stavano portando aiuti umanitari e persone portatrici di pace.
Un'unica domanda... La Farnesina e Frattini sono diventati muti o sono solo servi?

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